Centre of Skill Development

Nav-Prabhanam executes through three divisions to achieve the objectives and the divisions are as follows:

CTC (Computer Training Centre)
Though IT industry is emerging as a major employer but the application area is still limited to urban India. One of the main reasons behind this is that computer education is presently limited to cities. The towns, semi urban areas and villages do not have the facilities for computer education as in case of the cities. In a way it is creating a digital divide in the society, which is wrong and unethical as it keeps majority of population away from a field which is supposed to dominate the 21st century. CTC of Nav-Prabhanam offers computer literacy program and different short term and long term job oriented computer training programs to the rural masses.

VTC (Vocational Training Centre)
Nav-Prabhanam is being conceptualized to empower the rural women by offering them different skill development programs of different duration. This will bring the rural women into the main stream of the country and make them self reliant. This centre will not only provide them job oriented vocational training but will also offer some self employment opportunities with the help of private and Government partnership.


RAC (Rural Awareness Centre)
The most important ingredient of Nav-Prabhanam model, RAC is must for spreading awareness on different issues of concern to the rural masses to transform them into a knowledge society.  Some of the important areas of RAC are:

  • Vision 2020
  • National integrity
  • Health & hygiene
  • Human rights
  • Panchayati raj
  • Agriculture