Village adoption program is an extension of Nav-Prabhanam from block level to village level. Under the program different villages are adopted for one or more issues. The following issues are addressed under this program:

• Community Mobilization
• Health
• Environment
• Capacity Building

Community Mobilization
At the primary level, the rural youth is mobilized for different types of training and development programs meant for providing adequate employable skills among rural youth. The same is being conducted at block level. Foresight is using different methods of community mobilization like Nav-Prabhanam Youth Club, formation of local monitoring committees, social clubs etc.


Health Programme
A healthy mind resides in healthy body and so health care is the primary need. A weekly health camp is organized to provide better health status to the villagers. The camp consists of one doctor, paramedic and medicines. The medicines are provided free of cost. Any surgical case is referred to different hospitals of Delhi where they are treated at a very nominal cost. Besides one monthly camp with all the specialist doctors is being planned at block level(Kharkhoda).

The climate change and ozone layer depletion are alarming bells forecasting the possible dangers of treating environment badly. This is the high time to act on these issues and sensitization of community on this issue. Insanitation breeds ill health. Good health cannot be thought of in unhygienic condition. Hence, the sanitation drive is the next step. The drive comprises of three interventions:

Stage 1: Sensitization through awareness programs
Stage 2: Tree Plantation
Stage 3:  The management and disposal of biodegradable and non- biodegradable waste